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Since being named “Emerging Artist of Pittsburgh” in 2019, Saige Baxter has transitioned from welded sculpture, to installation and painting.  Baxter has installed sculptures in Greensburg, Frick Park, The Museum Lab of Pittsburgh and Portugal.  Her first international piece was completed in 2018 and is permanently installed in Messejana, Portugal through the Buinho artist residency. Past and present works have been displayed with the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, the Mattress Factory Museum, and gallery settings. Her passion for education as a high school art teacher has kept her closely tied to learning environments.



Photo by Chris Uhren


"My work is shifting from sculptural forms and installation to mixed media painting as my life transitions through a softer lens.  Labor and repetitive action remain consistent themes in my practice, however, beading has replaced the forceful tension of welding that is no longer needed in this life phase.  Though both materials require careful attention, a newfound tenderness has guided me to embrace femininity in labor roles.  Beading, traditionally viewed as a domestic craft, gives me permission to surrender to gentle play.   I reflect on the overlooked daily creativity demonstrated by my mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers in quilting, cooking and miscellaneous crafting.  Food has been the unifying element between our generations and a personal obsession.  Each painting envelopes fantastical versions of food memories that hold value in their story.  Diving deeper into eating nostalgia and familial relationships allows my food history to become idealized and extravagant."


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